01. aphex twin - avril 14th
02. shlohmo - just us (chopped & slowed)
03. gold panda - mpb
constantly worried about the weather and other things no one really cares about

dead tired.

but I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work in a record store

Aphex Twin
Richard D. James
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“I think it’s high time the mentors, big brothers, big sisters, parents, Guardians, and neighborhood ne’er do wells, start taking younger people That look up to them To a real record store and show them what an important part of life music really is. I trust no one who hasn’t time for music. What a shame to Leave a child, or worse, a generation orphaned from one of life’s great beauties. And to the record stores, artists, labels, dj’s, and journalists; we’re all in this together. Show respect for the tangible music that you’ve dedicated your careers and lives to, and help It from becoming nothing more than disposable digital data.”

- Jack White

//recordstoreday 2014